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Learn how to do all these cool experiments and science projects at home. Download the PDFs below for instructions.

download_icon     Scientific Method

When a scientist conducts an experiment, he/she follows a process called the Scientific Method. This helps the scientist keep the experiment organized and also allows him/her to track all of the findings. To be like official scientists, check out the Scientific Method here and be sure to follow it for all of your experiments!

polar bear

download_icon     How do arctic animals stay warm?

Ever wonder how seals can swim in icy cold water? Or how polar bears can den in snow and ice? See what it’s like to experience the cold as an arctic animal!


download_icon     Types of energy

Do you know where energy comes from? Check out our energy guide to learn about the different types of energy and how we use them.

download_icon     Make your own rock layers

Ever noticed the different layers of rock when a mountain is cut away to build a road? Those are called sedimentary layers. They’re formed when when mud, silt, sand, rocks, and cool stuff mix together. Learn how to make your own sedimentary layers at home.


download_icon     Where does oil hide?

Did you know that oil isn’t just sitting in underground layers like a big puddle, but that it’s stored in rocks? Find out what kind of rocks make the best sponge for hiding oil, and which rocks hold oil in underground traps.

download_icon     Build your own bridge

Engineers working in Alaska have to design roads and bridges that can withstand a lot– heavy loads, freezing and thawing, animal migration– and still come in on budget. It’s your turn to try building different bridges that hold their weight while meeting design rules.

download_icon     Capturing gas expansion

Some gas exists deep within the ground naturally. Other times, gas is created when two products are mixed together. Either way, gas needs to be released or expand somewhere to relieve the pressure. Try this experiment to explore how gas is created and how it expands.

download_icon     How can you increase oil production?

Sometimes getting oil out of the ground can be tricky and requires different approaches to increase the amount that can be obtained. See what creative methods you can use to retrieve oil in this experiment.