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Oil and gas are a big deal for Alaskans. One-third of Alaska jobs are tied to the oil and gas industry.Taxes and royalties from oil and gas supply an average of 90% of the state’s unrestricted general fund, which is used to pay for education, public safety, road maintenance and more. It’s important to stay informed about the industry. That’s why there’s brain-i-AK.com – a place to get useful Alaska oil and gas facts from trusted third-party sources. Explore the site and increase your oil and gas IQ.



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How has the restructured oil tax law (SB 21) stimulated investments and projects in Alaska? Please cite specific examples?

Carl B. | Fairbanks, AK


It’s a good question, and one that many Alaskans wonder about. Let’s look at why tax reform is working for Alaska, and…

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Pat Foley | SVP of Alaska Operations, Caelus

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